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Household Mortgage Budget

Put in your amounts and select whether it is weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually


Partner 1 - weekly income (After Tax) 
Partner 2 - Weekly Income 
Family Tax Benefit 
Rental Income 
Other Income 
Other (Click to rename) 
Other (Click to rename) 

Regular Bills

Mortgage repayments 
Home maintenance, furniture and appliances 
Water rates 
Telephone - mobile, home, internet 
Car registration, maintenance 
Health insurance 
Parking Fees 
Car payments 
Other insurances 
School fees and expenses 
Payments to credit cards and loans 
Child care 
Child support and maintenance payments 
Other regular bills 
Rental payments for household goods 
Other (Click to rename) 
Other (Click to rename) 

Varying Weekly Expenses

Entertainment - alcohol, cigarettes etc 
Car fuel only (eg. petrol or diesel) 
Food and groceries 
Transport expenses 
Other expenses for children ie. sport, music, presents 
Clothes, shoes, hairdressers etc 
Other household expenses 
Other (Click to rename) 
Other (Click to rename) 

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